Value in the ease of working

3 May 2023


Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) is an agritech co-operative and world leader in pasture based dairy genetics that have helped to improve New Zealand dairy herds for over 100 years.

LIC exist to help dairy farmers solve the challenge of being profitable and sustainable, enabling them to breed the best cows, faster.


LIC's procurement process necessitated that they review all significant contracts every three years to guarantee the highest value for their required services.

When selecting the service provider, LIC outlined several critical areas providers would be measured against, including quality of service, technical thought leadership, a proactive attitude, and, ideally, a New Zealand-based organisation.


Realtech’s position as a New Zealand-based provider of SAP technical support services, strong customer testimonials and high quality of service and technical expertise offered, all played a pivotal role in LIC selecting Realtech for their SAP technical support services. 

The RFP submission from Realtech impressed LIC with their sense of proactive ownership of the SAP solution, ongoing management, and responsiveness to dealing with any type of support. There was also a strong sense of continuous improvement in working together. Sam Edwards, LIC’s Business Solutions Manager said: 

“This was demonstrated from the outset by Realtech facilitating a series of workshops for knowledge transfer with LIC’s existing technical team and subject matter experts. Realtech also engaged with LIC early on to identify any ongoing critical pieces of work. This ensured that the service quality was high from day one of Realtech taking responsibility for the LIC SAP Support, with minimal business disruption from the change of support partner.”


Sam said: “It is still early in the relationship to have enough data to back up measurable success, but all indications from the first months are showing that our decision to select Realtech is a positive one. While cost was a consideration, the significant benefit for LIC has been operational efficiency and a proactive nature, which has increased efficiency across the board.

“We have been impressed with the ease of working with Realtech. We could get SAP technical expertise from any number of organisations but have found a lot of value in the ease of working with Realtech.”

LIC have seen Realtech as an organisation that works with them, not just for them. There has been a willingness on both sides to point out and act upon opportunities to improve.

In conclusion, LIC switched to Realtech as their SAP technical support services provider due to their proactive nature, technical thought leadership, and willingness to be seen as the owners of operating LIC's SAP environment.