Thoughts on a safe return

Thoughts on a safe return

12 May 2020 by Andrew Spicer

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Now that we know what the future holds (well for the next few weeks at least). I, for one, am looking forward to stepping into Level 2.

I wrote recently about the changes and experiences of moving from COVID-19 Level 4 to Level 3 restrictions, with the now planned move down another step to Level 2, I thought it an excellent time to refresh my thoughts and how we can take action back towards some normality.

While I am enjoying spending time with my family, I like our house, and with the location, we are fortunate to be able to walk the dog to a local beach. Being in the same place day in day out loses its magic after a while, so a change to the office is something I am looking forward too. Maybe it is not as picturesque as the beach, but I'm sure many will agree it's going to be a nice change of scenery.

However we will also not make it mandatory to be in the office, nor will there be an expectation for anyone to be in the office, I feel that it is essential that this is a choice that only each person can make themselves. As an employer, we should respect and support these decisions.

Before any of this happens, the office will need a thorough cleaning, but once we have opened the office, there will be some rules and guidelines that everyone will need to follow. It is quite clear that Level 2 does not mean we are free to ignore safety advice (wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands), and of course, social distancing will need to be observed.

As mentioned in my last article just another day, we are fortunate that we were already set up for remote working, but the nature of how we all work together will not look the same. This will have an impact on many aspects of our business, even whether we will need such a large office in the future, or move to smaller space combined with the changes to when team members will be working at home, onsite or in the office.

I believe a lot on New Zealand businesses will have learnt a lot from remote working and the inherent flexibility that it brings, and I am sure this is something that will stay with us for many years.

Here's hoping you've enjoyed this read.