SAP Migration Webinar

4 May 2022 by Andrew Spicer

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is at the heart of many Kiwi businesses, helping give them a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world. 

But ERP systems can be very complex and there’s an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality in many organisations that have invested heavily in on-premises systems and are nervous about changing. 

The pandemic saw many businesses rapidly move core systems to the cloud and begin enjoying the flexibility, security, scalability and lower cost structure of having their ERP system based on a tech stack from cloud providers like Microsoft Azure.  

At Realtech, we’ve assisted large New Zealand enterprises such as Briscoes, Gallagher and Griffins take advantage of the unlimited processing power of those platforms while getting the most out of SAP, the world’s most popular ERP system. 

Taking a bite out of costs 

In the case of Griffins, Realtech and its partner Umbrellar assisted the iconic snack food maker to pursue a “cloud-first” strategy with an SAP migration at the heart of it. Now based on the Azure platform, Griffins enjoys lower capital costs, more effective disaster recovery options and an ERP system that can easily scale to meet its future needs. 

“An SAP migration is a big undertaking when ERP is so central to your operations,” admits Andrew Spicer, Realtech’s Managing Director.

“But freeing yourself from the ongoing IT and architecture requirements of running on-premises infrastructure allows you to focus on making the most of what SAP has to offer,” he says. 

With businesses increasingly looking to migrate to the latest tech stack, Realtech has gathered a panel of experts including Opal, a trans-Tasman business that recently completed a rapid and successful migration to Azure, to share their experiences and top tips for executing a successful migration. 

Free webinar - preparing for your SAP migration 

Join us online at 10 am on Wednesday, May 11th, to learn more about the three key areas of SAP migration: 

  •  How to start your SAP migration planning 
  •  How to take the scary out of any migration 
  •  How to achieve success in a short space of time 

Your hosts, Andrew Spicer Managing Director at Realtech, Richard Kirby Senior Manager - IT Enterprise Services Opal, Rob Farnell, Head of Cloud Technology - Umbrellar will share their knowledge on SAP migrations.  

You’ll learn about the steps and actions that help ensure any migration is as smooth as it can be. Start your SAP migration journey with confidence. 

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