Performance Matters

21 Nov 2023

A story of quality and efficiency management

The Background

Eastland Group is a forward-thinking company specialising in infrastructure services.

As an industry leader, they continually seek innovative solutions to enhance their operations and stay competitive in the dynamic energy sector.

Discovery and Challenges

Eastland Group became aware of SAP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) through guidance and recommendations from Realtech.

Their primary challenges were:

  • The impending end-of-life status of the SAP Solution Manager.
  • Aligning with SAP's mainstream maintenance strategy for SAP S/ 4HANA.
  • The need for improved management and monitoring capabilities.

The utility sector is evolving rapidly, demanding agile and efficient solutions. SAP ALM emerged as the strategic choice for Eastland Group, given its role as the future management solution for SAP systems in the cloud and on-premises. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of SAP ALM, offered as part of the annual maintenance or subscription costs for SAP products, made it an attractive proposition.

The Solution

While there were no specific solution expectations, Eastland Group recognised the value of transitioning to SAP ALM to meet future industry challenges.

Eastland Group chose SAP ALM over other solutions due to its standout features, including automation and cost-effectiveness.

Realtech was pivotal in implementing SAP ALM for Eastland Group, ensuring a seamless transition without business interruption. The initial setup and ALM tenant deployment took only a few hours, demonstrating the solution's efficiency.

The Outcome

Eastland Group was impressed with SAP ALM's user-friendly interface, graphical dashboards, and real-time performance indicators. Notably, the system provided early warnings on expiring certificates and potential issues, contributing to increased reliability.

SAP ALM has increased solution reliability by highlighting potential problems and key action dates. Future cost savings are expected once the SAP Solution Manager can fully retire, eliminating associated costs.

While specific metrics or KPIs were not shared, Eastland Group has undoubtedly benefited from improved reliability and real-time monitoring.

Ric Harrison, ICT Manager for Eastland Group, said: "Deploying SAP's ALM solution has enabled Eastland Group to gain improved insights into system performance, identify potential issues, and drill down into relevant details through the easy-to-use customer experience dashboards."

Future Plans

Eastland Group was most impressed with the ease of use, graphical dashboards, and speed of deployment. They plan to leverage SAP ALM's additional functionality to manage their SAP solution landscape. Guidance from Realtech will play a pivotal role in adopting new features to benefit the organisation further.

Eastland Group recognises the importance of staying ahead in an evolving industry and has chosen SAP ALM as its partner in achieving this goal. With its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability, SAP ALM has positioned Eastland Group for a successful and sustainable future in the energy sector.