Confidence on the rise

Confidence on the rise

16 Nov 2020 by Andrew Spicer

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In previous blogs, I have spoken of the impact the various lockdowns has had on business and industry. I've talked about returning to work, and the effect this has had on our own business and people. More recently, I have noted a significant change in how our clients and the market have responded to the pandemic; the lockdown has changed the nature of today's business challenges.

Since the end of 1st lockdown, we have been seeing a steady increase in customer confidence, paused projects are now firmly back in full swing, and new projects are on the business improvement agendas.

The knock-on effect of this confidence is we have completed or in the process of completing more upgrades, migrations and S/4HANA implementations than we typically would have seen. With the new business improvement agendas on the table, we are having more conversations with clients to migrate their SAP landscapes to the cloud, and as part of the significant business transformation programs that include the transition of SAP ECC to S/4HANA.

At Realtech, we have always been capable of remote delivery for our projects and services. Throughout this year, we have delivered significant projects irrespective of where the team has been located (home or office). In some ways, the move to the cloud has made remote working more understood and accepted by many more people and businesses. In the new normal you can't be on-site anyway, so this has changed the perceptions of service delivery & our years of experience delivering remotely, proves that quality does not suffer.

What the pandemic has shown us is that businesses know they can't stand still and wait. There is a real need to keep pushing forward, and perhaps with a new approach to the market, but whether it is to pivot strategy now to available demands, or to be ready for when restricted markets reopen, now is the time for action.