Behind every award-winning SAP project

26 Sep 2022 by Andrew Spicer

Behind every award-winning SAP project, there’s a team hard at work

Some of the most innovative projects drawing on SAP technology across New Zealand and Australia were recognised in the recent SAP Best Run Awards.

I’m proud to be able to say that the Realtech team assisted with the projects of three finalists and one winner in the Best Run Awards.

We congratulate Fonterra for winning the Best Run SAP Intelligent ERP - Cloud category this year. Project Phoenix was a technically complex programme of work that resulted in the dairy giant successfully migrating to SAP Private Cloud Edition (SAP PCE). That work will serve Fonterra very well for years to come, and Realtech is proud to have been one of the partners supporting and delivering essential SAP technical services. 

Frucor Suntory was a finalist in the SAP Intelligent ERP Enterprise category with a project involving DXC that updated the beverage maker’s ERP solution and system landscape using SAP S/4HANA. Realtech was an essential partner to Frucor providing local domain and business knowledge and SAP expertise to support the project.

Integrated Control Technology (ICT) was among the finalists in the same category for an SAP S/4HANA Cloud migration project. We partnered with ICT to help implement the new system in New Zealand and have since assisted with its expansion across ICT’s global operations.

Great teams make for great success.

These were all complex and unique projects that drew on SAP, the world's leading enterprise resource planning software. Realtech was involved in various capacities on these projects alongside other partners and the customer. We excel in applying our consultants' considerable experience and SAP expertise to advise on and manage significant change programmes.

It might be migrating from an old system or introducing SAP to an organisation, then making sure that the new functionality can be applied to help an organisation meet its business goals.

The quality of the work across the finalists and winners this year was exceptional. When these awards are handed out, you typically don’t see Realtech’s name up in bright lights. But our customers and partners recognise our contribution and tell us regularly how much they value our input.

I imagine an IT team assembled to work on projects like those listed above as a bit like a rock band. The lead singer is out front, getting most of the attention. The drummer is at the back, watching the bass player closely as the two of them lay down a driving beat. The guitarist floats in and out, adding rhythm and the occasional dazzling solo. When you see a tight band like the Rolling Stones playing in harmony, it is a sight to behold and a joy to listen to.

The point is that everyone has their role in a team. At Realtech, ours is more of a behind-the-scenes role but, more often than not, is integral to the project's overall success.

Recently a customer sent me a warm email of thanks to the team after we oversaw a weekend go-live project that went off without a hitch. I immediately shared it with the team, thrilled to hear the feedback.

The soft side of tech

The pandemic saw many of us working overtime on technology projects as our customers scrambled to modify their systems to adapt to the new business environment. We were all working so hard that we too often forgot about the soft side of technology, the teams of people that help make technology deliver on its promises.

At Realtech, I make a point of recognising the great work that the team does. Sometimes it's just a simple thank you, other times, we will turn it into a real celebration. I tend to do so quickly, on the spot sometimes, rather than wait for an upcoming staff meeting. The Realtech culture also sees employees encouraged to recognise each other’s work.

It’s amazing to see the results. People feel empowered and appreciated when they get the recognition they deserve. The payoff is great for everyone concerned, resulting in satisfied staff and a more productive working environment.

Many more tech awards will come for the innovative partners that help customers navigate the SAP ecosystem. We should all take the time to pay tribute to those whose efforts are integral to our success but who rarely get the opportunity to bask in the limelight.